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Unlock unparalleled efficiency in concrete grinding with WerkMaster's top-tier concrete grinders. Transform surface preparation and floor refinishing across residential, retail, commercial, and industrial projects. Our advanced concrete grinders cater to concrete, terrazzo, stone, hardwood, and VCT surfaces, eliminating the need for labor-intensive hand grinding.

Enjoy seamless edging within 1/8” (3mm) of walls, saving up to 40% in labor costs with our patented Octi-Disc™ Technology. Count on WerkMaster's commitment to professional care, superior craftsmanship, and tailored solutions. Request a quote today from WerkMaster, your go-to source for award-winning concrete grinding equipment.

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How To Polish Concrete

Discover how you can implement polished concrete floors today - a durable, low-maintenance, and eco-friendly choice that blends style with practicality, perfect for diverse settings.

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How To Refinish Terrazzo

Explore how you can revitalize terrazzo surfaces today - enjoy scratch and stain removal, enhanced durability with sealers, and a cost-effective solution compared to replacement.

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We have two WerkMaster grinders, the Viper and Titan models. Both machines have been excellent and have seen a ton of use for our coating business without any issues. Staff at WerkMaster have always been excellent to deal with as far as getting any needed parts etc.

Cody Campbell

I purchased a Scarab over a year ago and am really impressed with the product, but more impressed with the customer service. I really thought we had passed the era of good customer service... but not at WerkMaster.
Thank you for the great products and service!

Gary Carpenter

I rented The Edge from WerkMaster to polish our new concrete floors. The tips from Frank and his willingness to explain the details and answer my questions made the whole experience very positive. I would highly recommend this company. A very happy customer.

Trevor Godard

The WerkMaster Difference

WerkMaster's acclaimed concrete grinders redefine flooring projects, offering exceptional versatility for concrete prepping and polishing. These award-winning machines handle concrete, terrazzo, stone, hardwood, and VCT surfaces with precision, edging to within 1/8” of walls. By doing so, they streamline your project, saving time, reducing costs, and eliminating the need for small hand grinders, simplifying the preparation and refinishing process.

Our unwavering commitment to excellence shines through our patented Octi-Disc™ Technology, which can reduce labor costs by up to 40% by eliminating time-consuming edge work. At WerkMaster, we prioritize professional care, deliver unparalleled craftsmanship, and offer specialized solutions tailored to your specific needs. Discover the WerkMaster Difference, where innovation harmonizes with top-notch quality in concrete prepping and polishing.

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Certified Polished Concrete Training School

Enhance your concrete polishing skills at WerkMaster's Certified Polished Concrete Training School. Suitable for industry veterans or newcomers, our course boosts efficiency and expertise with hands-on instruction from industry experts.

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Prefer self-paced learning? Dive into WerkMaster's online video library for convenient access to concrete polishing techniques. Whether you're new or looking to improve, our digital resources aid your journey to polished concrete excellence.

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