The WerkMaster Story

Welcome to WerkMaster – Manufacturer of Products, Systems & Solutions for Restoring & Refinishing Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Hardwood, & Vinyl. Look to WerkMaster for award-winning floor grinding machines. We have everything you need for surface preparation to floor refinishing on residential, retail, commercial, and industrial jobs. Our machines are ideal for concrete, terrazzo, stone, hardwood, and VCT. No need to get on your knees with a small hand grinder to grind the edges of a room. All our machines edge to 1/8” (3mm) of the wall – prepping or refinishing. Our patented Octi-Disc™ Technology will save you up to 40% in labor costs on every job by removing the edge work!

Our passion, dedication, and determination drive our commitment to produce state-of-the-art products and systems that are cost and time efficient, and environmentally friendly. At WerkMaster, we take pride in providing professional customer care and service combined with exceptional quality craftsmanship and specialized solutions for our discerning customers. Get a quote today from WerkMaster; the home of award-winning floor grinding machines.

WerkMaster’s patented Octi-Disc™ Technology

Unleash the power of WerkMaster's Octi-Disc™ Technology, revolutionizing surface preparation and refinishing with eight direct-driven heads bringing you within an incredible 1/8” (3mm) of the wall. What sets Octi-Disc™ apart? It's SPEED! With unrivaled disc speeds, higher rpm means faster removal rates and superior shine. Experience unparalleled results and customer satisfaction with WerkMaster™ machines – fast, agile, and effortless. Elevate your profits today with Octi-Disc™ Technology.

Plug 'N Go Tooling

Discover the revolutionary ULTRA-FLEX Plug ‘N Go Tooling System by WerkMaster, a game-changer in tooling design. With unparalleled precision, tackle uneven surfaces effortlessly across various materials including polished concrete, terrazzo, stone, and more. Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Remove epoxy, carpet glue, paint, and more with unmatched efficiency. Experience the ultimate in versatility and performance with WerkMaster.