About WerkMaster: Our Story and Mission

Welcome to WerkMaster – Manufacturer of Products, Systems & Solutions for Restoring & Refinishing Concrete, Stone, Terrazzo, Hardwood, & Vinyl. From our inception in 2005, WerkMaster has focused on solving the Four Major Contractor Pain Points within the Polishing Concrete, Concrete Surface Preparation, Hardwood Refinishing, Stone and Terrazzo Refinishing industry sectors. 1.Edging 2.Power 3. Productivity 4. Tooling Efficiency

The WerkMaster Story

Since 2005, WerkMaster has been a leading manufacturer in the floor restoration and refinishing industry. We understand the challenges faced by professionals and are dedicated to providing solutions that address the four key pain points: edging, power, productivity, and tooling efficiency.

Our state-of-the-art products are designed to be cost and time-effective, while also minimizing environmental impact. We offer a competitive advantage through increased production, lower labor costs, and higher profitability.

Innovation at the Forefront:

  • Edge to the Wall Grinding: All our grinders and sanders eliminate the need for edge grinding with separate machines, saving time and money.
  • Dual Phase & Variable Frequency Drives: Our machines adapt to single-phase or three-phase power, offering flexibility on the jobsite.
  • SandPaperLess Technology: This revolutionary technology reduces or eliminates the need for sandpaper on various floor surfaces.
  • Natural Diamond Grinding and Polishing Tools: WerkMaster's Gold Bond tools tackle even the hardest concrete, stone, and terrazzo floors.