Werkmaster's Patented Octi-Disk™ Technology

Features 8 direct driven heads that are configured to allow ALL models to get to within 1/8” (3mm) of the wall. Imagine eight high speed hand grinders joined together.

What Makes Octi-Disk Technology So Unique?

SPEED! Our heads spin at disc speeds that are unheard of and are unavailable on today’s planetary, direct drive or drum machines. Try this test. Run a 7” cup wheel on a variable speed hand grinder at 450 rpm; you’ll notice you will need to push down with your weight to maintain pressure and control. Now spin it up to 2100 rpm, the first thing you will have to do is reduce your pressure because it is cutting so quickly.  It is basic physics, the faster your rpm, the more often the abrasive is crossing the surface, and with more abrasives, the faster the rate of removal, the faster and better the shine and results.

Why Does a WerkMaster Outperform Any Other Grinder?

Law of Physics:

The more often an abrasive can go over a surface – the faster it will abrade it…

8 Heads x speed x more abrasives = Faster Prep and Higher Shine!

Close up of a WerkMaster CSP3 profile on concrete

WerkMaster delivers superior results and rates of removal that most competitors only dream of achieving. Tradesmen are amazed and delighted with the ease of use and total customer satisfaction achieved with a WerkMaster™.

Fast, agile, easy and fun to operate, test drive a WerkMaster™ and see how quickly you too can improve your bottom line profits.

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