The WerkMaster Polished Concrete Topping System

As the construction industry evolves, the allure of concrete toppings continues to captivate both professionals and enthusiasts alike. Whether it's for revitalizing existing surfaces or enhancing new projects, the versatility of concrete toppings offers endless possibilities. However, harnessing their full potential requires not just skill, but also the right tools and techniques.

This is where WerkMaster's Polished Topping System (PTS) steps in, setting a gold standard in the realm of concrete polishing. With its innovative design and precision engineering, the WerkMaster PTS empowers craftsmen to achieve unparalleled levels of smoothness and uniformity, elevating the aesthetic appeal of any surface it touches. Whether the goal is to create a sleek modern look or to restore the luster of aged concrete, the PTS ensures that every project culminates in a flawless, seamless finish that exceeds expectations.

Steps To Polish Concrete Toppings

Step 1

Concrete Surface Preperation

If the concrete you're working on is free from any glue or mastic residues, your first step is to grind it down to achieve a CSP 3 profile. This profile is perfect for ensuring optimal adhesion of concrete toppings. For surfaces with residues, utilize the Metal Bond Tooling to remove them before proceeding with grinding for the CSP 3 profile. This meticulous approach guarantees a strong and seamless bond for your concrete toppings.

Step 2

Apply Concrete Topping and Grind Down

Once the concrete surface is ready, apply the Ardex Concrete topping. Once cured, grind off any white film in a cross-hash manner until the cream is removed and the desired exposure is achieved.

Step 3

Remove Metal Bond Tool Marks

Remove metal tooling scratches using 50, 100 or 200 grit transitional tooling. Transitional tooling effectively removes scratches and creates a surface ready for polishing.TIP: Your floor should be free of all visible tooling marks after this stage

Step 4

Densify and Harden the Concrete

Ensure your floor has been vacuumed and all tool marks have been removed. Use eitherULTRAHard LithiumorULTRADensifil(Pore & Crack Filler) densifiers to the concrete to help solidify and densify the surface and to provide extra protection from water penetration and staining. To learn more, see our densifiers page.TIP:  DO NOT let densifiers pool or puddle on your floor.  This can create staining that is difficult to remove in the polishing stages.

Step 5

Concrete Polishing

Begin with appropriate resin bond tooling 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000 grit (3000 grit optional).  Ensure dust is removed(vacuumed) in between passes. Burnish floor with 3000 grit burnishing pad after your final grit level.

Step 6

How to Seal and Protect Polished Concrete

Once you get the look and polish you’re striving for, you may want to protect the surface by applying a commercial stain-guard product, like WerkMasterULTRAguard sealer and surface wear protectorespecially if the surface will be exposed to grease, oil, or chemicals. Use a pump up Sprayer and apply Two thin light coats. Allow coats to dry for at 30 minutes between coats. Burnish floor to achieve maximum shine and polish with either your WerkMaster Machine or Propane Burnisher.TIP: Start with a low RPM burnishing pass to ensure sealer has cured and pad is not scratching floor

Perfect Edges on ARDEX PC-T™ with WerkMaster!

What makes the WerkMaster Polished Topping System (PTS) unique is it allows the topping to be polished right to the edge. Utilizing WerkMaster’s Patented Octi-Disc Technology results are achieved faster and easier than any planetary system that Ardex has approved to date. WerkMaster’s PTS produces a level of shine that has not been achieved by competitive systems. WerkMaster’s PTS does not require heavy equipment to obtain results. Excellent finishes can be achieved by using various WerkMaster models, from the Raider XL5 through to the COLOSSOS XT and the Scarab.

Ardex Polished Topping Training Schools

If you are interested in participating in upcoming North American Ardex Certified Training Courses for ARDEX PC-T™ and ARDEX PC-M™ toppings, please reply toArdex Polishing Informationor visit our website where course dates and locations will be posted shortly.

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