Revolutionizing The Rental Industry

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One Machine - Multiple Surfaces

The WerkMaster Boss revolutionizes rentals, prioritizing versatility. Contractors and DIYers can seamlessly handle various floor surfaces with this potent machine, streamlining workflows. Its flexibility and efficiency attract diverse customers, boosting rental companies' utilization and ROI.

The Boss's user-friendly design and reliable performance ensure a seamless rental experience, fostering high customer retention rates. Satisfied clients often leave positive Google Reviews, enhancing the rental company's online reputation and attracting new customers.

Thanks to the Boss's robust design and exceptional build quality, downtime is minimal. Its user-friendly operation also makes it easy for rental staff to promote and maintain, boosting employee satisfaction.

  • Spring

    • Carports
    • Driveways
    • Wood Decks
    • Swimming Pools
  • Summer

    • Walkways
    • Pool Decks
    • Concrete Patios
    • Docks & Wharfs
  • Fall

    • Garage Floors
    • Stone Refinishing
    • Polished Concrete
    • Hardwood Refinishing
  • Winter

    • Hardwood Refinishing
    • Concrete Countertops
    • Concrete Surface Prep
    • Basements - Polished Concrete

10 Reasons The BOSS Sets Itself Apart From The Competition

Discover how The BOSS demonstrates its exceptional versatility and capability, outperforming other machines in its weight class.

Runs Off A Standard 110v Outlet

The WerkMaster Boss is not only powerful but also conveniently versatile, operating seamlessly on a standard 110v outlet. This accessibility makes it an ideal choice for home DIY applications, ensuring that even those without extensive experience can achieve professional-quality results with ease. By eliminating the need for specialized power setups like the 220v requirement of most competitors, the WerkMaster Boss revolutionizes the rental experience, making it accessible and straightforward for anyone renting the machine to complete their floor grinding projects confidently and affordably.

Reduce The Need For Manual Edging

The WerkMaster Boss's precision design grinds or sands within 1/8" of the wall, eliminating the need for additional edging equipment. This is crucial for concrete floors, ensuring thorough coverage in tight corners, and for hardwood and wood decks, enabling precise sanding without risking damage. By reducing manual touch-ups and the need for cumbersome tools, the Boss enhances efficiency, delivering impeccable results across surfaces, making it an essential choice for rental customers seeking professional performance with ease.

Separates Into 3 Components For Easy Transport

The WerkMaster Boss offers unparalleled convenience for renters with its innovative design, which easily separates into three pieces for transport. This feature is particularly beneficial for customers without large vehicles or those seeking to avoid additional rental costs for transport vehicles. By disassembling into manageable pieces, the WerkMaster Boss simplifies transportation logistics, ensuring hassle-free mobility and flexibility on the job site.

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