WerkMaster VS Planetary Floor Grinding Machines

Discover how WerkMaster's Multi-Disc Concrete Grinder outperforms Planetary Concrete Grinders, offering faster abrasion, reduced labor, and superior results for polished concrete floors. Learn about the efficiency of WerkMaster's edging capabilities and other innovations.

Comparing Planetary vs. Multi-Disc Concrete Grinder Performance

Compare the difference in performance and results of Planetary Concrete Grinder Technology versus WerkMaster’s Multi-Disc Concrete Grinder Technology. First phase: Concrete Surface Prep – removing paint. Each grinder is moving at its own recommended manufactures pace for these conditions. The second phase is the planetary concrete floor grinder having to move at the same pace as the WerkMaster concrete floor grinder.

Planetary Concrete Floor Grinder Technology

A planetary concrete floor grinder has a large main plate that is driven by a single shaft rotating in one direction. There are typically three smaller plates attached to the main plate. The smaller plates use centrifugal force created by the spinning of the main plate causing them to turn counterclockwise to the direction of the main plate. Diamond abrasives are attached to these plates. Planetary technology focuses on diamond contact towards the perimeter of the machine, while the center of the machine receives none. This requires the operator to maintain a slow forward movement with the machine to allow each plate to travel the full circumference of the machine, in order to fully abrade the floor. Some floor surfaces will require additional weight being added to the machine, in effect, forcing the diamonds to cut

WerkMaster Multi-Disc Floor Grinder Technology

WerkMaster’s Patented Multi-Disc Technology features multiple fixed in place individual drive shafts and plates. This allows the plates to rotate at higher rpm’s which is unachievable with planetary technology. The layout of the drive plates ensures the complete floor under the machine is being abraded, increasing productivity. The grinder can be operated in any direction providing more maneuverability in tight areas. More heads spinning at higher speeds translates into faster abrasion, reduced time, and labor. WerkMaster technology incorporates torque, speed, and advanced diamond abrasive to overcome the challenges on difficult floors.

WerkMaster Edging VS Planetary Floor Grinder

Edging and finishing corners on concrete floors with a concrete grinder can be frustrating and labor intensive. The planetary concrete grinder solution requires utilizing anything from being on your knees with a handheld grinder to an expensive walk behind modified hand grinder. Two machines…more labor, especially if the floor is being polished.

Planetary Edging

Inherent with planetary technology is a side-to-side rocking motion. This prevents the grinder from being able to rotate at higher rpm’s and grind close to the wall. Edging can represent up to 40% of Labor especially on polished floors. Effectively edging to the wall requires using an additional piece of equipment. This equipment varies from a labor-intensive hand grinder to a modified walk behind edger. On polished floors, blending the two scratch patterns is time consuming, resulting in added labor costs.

WerkMaster Edging

All WerkMaster machines edge to less than an1/8” (3mm) of the wall resulting in substantial reduction in time and labor costs. Once the first cut is achieved and the floor is properly abraded to the wall, each following step in the polishing process is no longer considered edging. The operator simply walks the machine down the wall.

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