Terrazzo Refinishing At The DFW Airport

WerkMaster Takes the mystery out of refinishing terrazzo floors

DFW Airport Authority recently awarded a contract to ERMC2 to refinish over 1 Million square feet of epoxy terrazzo in Terminal E utilizing WerkMaster’s Terrazzo restoration System. The first tender for refinishing one million square feet of epoxy terrazzo in Terminal D was awarded to Corporate Floors of Dallas in the fall of 2014. Corporate Floors had submitted their tender specifying they would be using WerkMaster’s system and technology. The original tender did not specify any grinder manufacturer or technology but did establish that the floor should be polished to 3000 grit with the resulting shine meeting or exceeding 73 on a WerkMaster Gloss Meter.

The DFW airport authority was so impressed with the results achieved by Corporate Floors utilizing WerkMaster’s Epoxy Terrazzo restoration System they specified WerkMaster’s TITAN XT in the subsequent tender. In SolicitaDon No. 7006180 – Airport Wide Terrazzo Reconditioning & Polishing ‐ Addendum No. 2 they stated in section 1.4 of the Scope of Work the “Contractor shall use an articulating floor machine such as a WerkMaster Titan equipment or equivalent. Due to fluctuations in the terrazzo floor, single planetary drive equipment will not provide the required results and shall not be used.”

The advantages that were realized utilizing WerkMaster’s system included the ability to remove up to 50 coats of wax – Dry, eliminating wet chemical stripping. Grinding dry for the first two steps in the process significantly increased production. WerkMaster’s Octi-Disc 8 Head Technology allows the machine to safely grind and polish over the metal strips inlaid in the floor while edging to within a 1/8 inch of the wall. The floor was restored to the original color and look while removing or reducing numerous high spots. Flattening the floor improves clarity, reflectivity and reduces excess wear and maintenance.

Over five million square feet of epoxy terrazzo will be refinished at DFW Airport using WerkMaster’s Epoxy Terrazzo Restoration System.

Titan XT Propane

The Most Aggressive Surface Prep Machine in its Class. Designed to Exceed the Needs of the Professional Contractor on Commercial, Residential, and Maintenance Projects.

Engineered for industrial surface prep, concrete grinding and polishing. Maneuverable, agile and can edge to within 1/8” of the wall.  Available in 230V or 460V models.

Removes heavy coatings, mastic, thinset, VCT glue, carpet glue, epoxy, paint, and levels and preps uneven floors; works on spalled or rained out concrete.  Runs wet or dry.