Torre Glorieta

Situation & Solution

When the father and son team of Sholem and Yoram Cimet set off to build a major tower in Mexico City’s Glorieta Insurgentes area they knew they had an exceptional project on their hands. Torre Glorieta is the catalyst for new development in an area of Mexico that has seen a steady decline over the years and has received little attention.

“We had to have a building that had a lot of quality and a lot of personality to equal the importance of the avenues and the site itself in the city.” says Yoram.

Being an LEED certified project, polished concrete was specified over 29,000 m2. (312k sq. feet) of flooring. The WerkMaster COLOSSOS XT Electric was the machine chosen for the job because of its high rate of production, its ability to flatten a floor quickly. WerkMaster machines feature Octi-Disk™ Technology – 8 direct-driven heads that are configured to allow ALL models to get to within 1/8” (3 mm) of the wall.

Added to this project was a staff of hard-working and eager workers who had never polished concrete before. With support from the WerkMaster Technical Support Team, onsite training, they achieved a floor comparable to the other sleek and high-end finishes on this project.

The WerkMaster machine and tooling system, along with the support received from their technical team, was crucial to the success of this project

Sholem Ciment Operations Manager

Colossos XT

The Most Aggressive Concrete Surface Preparation and Polishing Machine in its Class. Designed to Exceed the Needs of the Professional Contractor on Commercial, Residential and Maintenance Projects.

Auto Sensing Tri-Voltage 208V/230V/460V – 3 Phase VFD elimantes the need to use a step up transformer.

Removes heavy coatings, mastic, thinset, VCT glue, carpet glue, epoxy, paint, and levels and preps uneven floors. Runs wet or dry.