Concrete floor grinder carpet glue removal

Say goodbye to stubborn carpet glue! The WerkMaster Titan XT Propane floor grinder tackles even the toughest concrete messes with unmatched power and eco-friendly operation.

Conquer Carpet Glue Nightmares:

  • Effortless Removal: Rip through thick carpet adhesive with the Titan XT's powerful propane engine.
  • Clean Air Advantage: Breathe easy with propane's reduced emissions, perfect for indoor spaces.
  • Dust Control Ready: Attach a dust collection system (sold separately) for a cleaner work environment.
  • Precise Control: Maneuver with ease for targeted glue removal, protecting surrounding concrete.

The Titan XT Propane is your secret weapon for:

  • Prepping concrete for new flooring: Remove old carpet glue quickly and efficiently to ensure a smooth, even surface for new installations.
  • Renovation projects: Restore concrete subfloors by eliminating lingering adhesive residue.
  • Fast and efficient grinding: Get the job done faster with the Titan XT's superior power.

Don't settle for a struggle. Conquer carpet glue with the WerkMaster Titan XT Propane.