Heavy Carpet Glue Removal

Watch how the Propane Powered Titan XT effectively removes multiple layers of carpet glue from a concrete floor.

Removing carpet, vinyl and other adhesives off concrete to polish the concrete beneath has become an increasingly popular request by homeowners, contractors, architects and designers.

PCD Tooling

A balance of effective removal while not damaging the surface below must be struck in order to achieve good results. WerkMaster machines with Octi-Disc™  technology and PCD Tooling are able to quickly remove carpet glue and other adhesives while leaving the surface unharmed and ready for polishing.

Before any carpet glue removal project it is always good to identify the type of glue you are removing as many glues and adhesives can contain asbestos. Asbestos glues and adhesives can be found in homes for the 1900’s right up to the 1980’s.

Asbestos under vinyl tile

Traditionally found under 9×9 or 11×11 vinyl tile this glue can contain asbestos and should be removed using good dust control techniques and HEPA rated dust extractors. If in doubt about your resilient flooring, break a small piece from a corner or behind the refrigerator and take it to an asbestos abatement firm for testing.

The WerkMaster Titan XT Propane is the ideal machine for projects where power is not available. Grinder, stripper, sander, buffer, burnisher, polisher and edger – the Titan XT Propane is 7 Machines in 1. Removes thinset, epoxy, glue, paint, mastic, and micro toppings; works on spalled or rained out concrete. Runs wet or dry on concrete, stone, hardwood, terrazzo or VCT tile.

Grinding off carpet glue

Exceeds OSHA standards for indoor operation ensuring the safety of the operator and the workplace environment.

Features  WerkMaster Octi-Disc™ technology with 8 counter rotating heads and the versatility of using our our 6 3/4” (171 mm) ULTRA-FLEX Plug ‘N Go tooling system, the Titan XT Propane edges to within 1/8” (3 mm) of the wall.

Easy to use and operator friendly the Titan XT Propane  has a 20” (51 cm) footprint and uses a powerful 21 HP Kawasaki motor with variable speed controls on the handle. Comes with EZ Bak tilt and an adjustable, foldable handle for easy transport.

The dual action wet/dry vacuum port allows for dry, dust-free pick up and can be used with an optional water feature.

The Titan XT Propane comes with a 3 Year Parts and Labor Warranty (2 Year Manufacturer Warranty on engine).