Terrazzo Restoration & Refinishing System

A brief video demonstrating why Facility Managers for airports, transit subway systems, international sporting facilities, municipalities, government facilities, hospitals, retail, commercial and more are implementing WerkMaster’s Terrazzo Restoration System.

Some of the main advantages of the WerkMaster System are:

  • No More Waxing
  • No More Stripping
  • Improved Labor Efficiency
  • Reduced Maintenance Overhead
  • Lower Implementation Cost Per Sq. Ft. (M2)
  • Higher Daily Production Rates – Faster Facility Turnover
  • Environmentally Friendly CFIA Certified Sealers &  Finishes
  • Reduced Slip Fall Anti-slip 0.68 James Scale Rating

Up to 24 Hours Resistance to Staining Agents:

  • Vinegar, Mustard, Ketchup, Italian Dressing, Muriatic Acid, Wine, Coffee, Pop and more
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