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6" TURBOBRADE (50/Box)

6" TURBOBRADE (50/Box)

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Breathe new life into your hardwood floors and decks with WerkMaster 6 inch TURBOBRADE sandpaper. This premium product is designed for exceptional performance when refinishing even the toughest wood surfaces. Use on all WerkMaster 6 inch plate machines, including the Raider XL5 and Cobra models!

Key benefits:

  • Ultra-fast material removal: TURBOBRADE cuts through old finishes, stains, and imperfections significantly faster than traditional sanding discs, saving you time and effort.
  • Superior finish: The high-quality abrasive ensures a smooth, even surface preparation for staining or sealing, creating a beautiful, long-lasting result.
  • Durable and long-lasting: TURBOBRADE sandpaper is built to withstand demanding projects, delivering consistent performance throughout the refinishing process.

Restore the natural beauty of your wood floors and decks with WerkMaster TURBOBRADE sandpaper. Experience the difference of fast removal and a flawless finish!

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