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Delfin Mistral 202 DS LP

Delfin Mistral 202 DS LP

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The 202 DS LP Endless Bag vacuum system comes with a system to ensure extracted dust is securely bagged, making the removal of fine, toxic or harmful dusts completely safe.
The Endless Bag system (65.6 ft/20 m in length) has weight and length that can be regulated according to needs, thereby ensuring there is no contact whatsoever between the operator and the dust.
A gas spring system allows the vacuum to be lowered, making it easier to transport.

Key Features:

  • Compact and portable
  • Constructed with powder coated steel
  • Two powerful bypass motors with independent cooling
  • Endless Bag safe bagging system (65.6 ft / 20 m)
  • Tangential inlet with cyclone filter protector
  • DUSTOP reverse pulse cleaning system
  • Large filter Surface
  • Adjustable height to facilitate transport on vehicles
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