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SHEAR PINS (Various Sizes)

SHEAR PINS (Various Sizes)

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Protect your WerkMaster concrete grinder and save money with genuine WerkMaster Shear Pins.

These sacrificial pins are designed to break before more expensive components in your grinder take the hit. When your grinder encounters excessive resistance, the shear pin snaps, safeguarding the gears and internal parts from damage.

WerkMaster Shear Pins offer several advantages:

  • Cost-Effective Protection: Replace a simple shear pin instead of facing expensive repairs for internal components.
  • Safety Feature: Prevents serious damage within your grinder, ensuring continued safe operation.
  • Genuine WerkMaster Parts: Ensures perfect fit and optimal performance for your specific WerkMaster grinder model.

Find the Right Fit:

WerkMaster offers a variety of shear pin sizes to match your specific grinder model. Easily identify the correct replacement pin by referencing your grinder's model number.

Invest in peace of mind and keep your WerkMaster concrete grinder running smoothly. Order your genuine WerkMaster Shear Pins today!

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