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WerkMaster Ultra Clean Hi-Lite is a powerful concentrated neutral cleaner designed for daily maintenance of various surfaces . It effectively removes stains and tough grime, leaving a clean and shiny finish.

Here's a closer look at its features and benefits:

  • Neutral pH: Makes it safe for use on a wide variety of surfaces, including floors, walls, countertops, appliances, concrete, terrazzo, stone, vinyl tile, and masonry, without harming the surface or dulling the finish.
  • Low-Sudsing, No-Rinse Formula: Easy to use and reduces cleaning time. Just mix the recommended amount with water, apply to the surface, and wipe clean. No rinsing is required unless you're applying a sealer, primer, or finish afterward.
  • Pleasant Scent and Optical Brighteners: Leaves a fresh scent and enhances the shine of the cleaned surface for a brighter appearance.
  • Safe and Effective: Does not contain harsh chemicals and is CFIA-approved, making it suitable for use in hospitals, food preparation and processing areas, schools, restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores.
  • Maintains Slip Resistance: An important feature for floor cleaners, especially in commercial settings. Ultra Clean Hi-Lite won't compromise the slip resistance of surfaces treated with WerkMaster Ultraguard sealer.
  • Can be Used with Auto-Scrubbers: Makes cleaning large floor areas more efficient.
  • Zero VOCs: Contains no volatile organic compounds, making it an environmentally friendly cleaning choice and promoting better indoor air quality.

Overall, WerkMaster Ultra Clean Hi-Lite is a versatile and effective cleaner for everyday cleaning needs in residential and commercial settings.

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